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Welcome to Steve Watson Interior Design

At Steve Watson Interior Design, we pride ourselves in delivering elegant home design solutions that exceed our clients expectation every time. In fact, we have transformed homes up and down the east coast. Although we are based in Stamford, we work with clients from all over Connecticut including Fairfield, New Haven, New Canaan and Darien. We have also worked extensively with clients from Westchester, NY and other surrounding cities.

We believe every space should perfectly reflect the character of its occupants through subtle accents and strategically-placed design elements. With our acute attention to detail and love for design, we will ensure that your home looks flawless from the paint color right down to the décor items.

Regardless of whether you want to modernize your home, increase space, change color pallet, or add new furnishings, the team at Steve Watson Interior Design has you covered. With over 10 years of experience in the interior design industry, we have worked on homes across Connecticut (including Darien, Fairfield and New Haven), as well as in Westchester, New York. We love helping our clients make their homes beautiful, and work closely with them to ensure every detail conveys the feeling and look they were going for.

Through functional and stylish design, we can turn any room in your home into the ideal space for you by integrating your unique personality and taste. Our professional interior design team will make sure to create a design that you can be proud of. 

Steve Watson Interior Design is dedicated to creating spaces you can truly live in, grow with and simply enjoy. Let us help you with your interior design challenges. Contact us today for more information.
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“There are many things I value about you as a interior designer. You listen well. You respect our goals and budget. You are clearly talented in your trade. I appreciate how you bring me options that feel commensurate with our discussions, but then always bring me something "extra" or "different" to consider as well that gets me thinking! It's just the right breadth and number of options -- not too overwhelming, but not just what I asked for either. Even when we only need a specific element of a room addressed, you make sure that the "whole" feels right, too."
- Sandi, Swampscott, MA

"We highly recommend using Steve Watson Interior Design for the new design of your home. He has taken on a challenging project for our New York City apartment and has shown that he has innate ability to use space effectively and aesthetically, as well as an innovative yet timeless understanding of interior design essentials. Just as important, he sees the future of interior design and can design layouts I could never imagine. He can use furniture, fabric, objects, color, negative space and texture to make existing rooms and pieces look brand new."
- Carolyn, New York, NY

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